Born to Shine Summer Day Camp 2021

We are thankful for a successful and fruitful camp for the inner-city kids in East Vancouver. We cannot thank you enough for the camp leaders who volunteered their time and efforts to make this camp possible! The objective of the camp in providing a service and a meaningful time for the kids that is needed very much for inner-city families in the East Vancouver area. This summer camp is a partnership project between CRRS Project Shine and VUM (Vancouver Urban Ministries)

Date: July 26-30, 2021, Monday to Friday

Venue: Chinatown Peace Church

Attendance: 31 Kids, 13 Camp Leaders!

Camp Activities include:
• Songs
• Crafts
• Exercise & Dance
• Outdoor games, park & water sprays
• Fun Snacks
• Yummy Lunch
• Camp leader talent show

Camp Theme – “The 5 Love Languages”
1) Kind Words
2) Quality Time
3) Acts of Service
4) Quality Time
5) Affection (Touch)

Camp Highlights Video

Special Thanks to the following people and organizations:

Chinatown Peace Church – for camp venue and BBQ lunch for our kids

Loyalty Enterprises Ltd. – for donating masks for adults and kids

Swan Lee – for being the dance & exercise instructor

YC Chan – for providing “Buddysaurus” Coloring Sheets

Annonymous – for donating children-size face shields

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