Leadership & Special Events 

Since 2013, Project Shine has been organizing events that promotes leadership building among young people locally in Vancouver and Toronto. We will have activites such as service projects, leadership retreats, fundraising events, reunions and much more!

Past events: 

“Dessert & Dance Fundraiser” in Vancouver (2010, 2011)

“I Love China” Reunion in Toronto and Vancouver (2013)

Launching of “ChinAvengers” Video Project (2014, 2015)

“Visitation to Senior’s Home” Service Project in Toronto (Dec, 2014)

“Summer Trip Sharing night” (2015)

“Selfie” Leadership Retreat in Vancouver (Feb. 2015)

“Richmond Night Market Show” in Vancouver (June, 2015)

Leadership Retreat in Squamish, BC (2016)

Leadership Retreat Squamish, BC (2017)


Connect with the Project Shine community and events by volunteering! Friends and Alumni are welcome to participate in our meaningful local activties!  If you are interested in volunteering for our special events, please submit your info below.

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