Our Youngest Donors

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“Our Youngest Donors – Kiana Lee and Evana Lee”

From Kiana’s own words…

“My name is Kiana Lee. I am ten years old. Me and my sister have heard there are children  in need of money for education, food and water. I thanked God that He had provided me with everything that I need in Canada. I decided to use my spare money to help others who are in need. I have used the money that I received from Chinese New Year for a better purpose. I would like to help out other children. I know life is hard for some kids in this world, so I am trying to help with my little bit of money. I have learned from the Bible that we must care for the others. I would like to pass on my blessing to others. Hope all of you will have a good time and I am glad I can participate in this mission.”


*Kiana and Evana Lee are Sunday school students of Jeannie Yip (Project Shine Team member, centre of photo). We are so grateful for every donor and supporter of CRRS Project Shine Summer Trip! 

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