PSST 2017 Home Visit

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One meaningful highlight for the Project Shine team members was when we get to visit one of our student’s home village in the rural area. Megan is the student that we have visited, and she is also one of CRRS’ sponsored students. Our team was able to chat with her family to understand more about their life as silk worm farmers and gave them some gifts as a token of care. When our Project Officer Deakin Ng interviewed Megan, she mentioned how much she appreciates our visit and she also remembered another CRRS team visit in November 2016 to Huang Jiang. She is surprised by CRRS’ visit because not many people mentioned words like “love” and most organizations does not visit the people they sponsor. She knows that we came because of love, not because they are poor. She is already very touched by the last visit from CRRS, so this time with Project Shine coming to teach English in her school, she felt even more inspired and thankful.

Esther (left) and two English teachers (Curtis & Travia) taking photo with Megan’s family
Scenery outside Megan’s home
They feed Silkworms and sell them for living
Group photo after visit
Megan and her family saying goodbye

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