CRRS Student Education Sponsorship

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CRRS Basic Education Sponsorship”  –  underpriviledged students in rural China 

The family members of the students living in rural regions in Guangxi are usually farmers and have lower income. The families usually live in the mountainous area and it may take the students 2-3 hours to bus to school every day. Therefore many students must live in the dormitory within the school. Students have free education only until junior high because the Chinese government have implemented the “Nine year free education” policy. Therefore Senior High students have to pay for the cost for school fees, school uniform, text books ,meals, room & board and stationary supplies. For students that grew up in the village and poverty, the cost for attending senior high is a heavy burden for their family. In particular at that time the Chinese government identified 132 Poverty Stricken counties, and 49 of them are in Guangxi. That is why CRRS Canada branch mainly supports the Senior High students in Guangxi.

Since 2002, CRRS began the “Basic Education Sponsorship” helping many ethnic minority students to finish their dream of education. Helping the students finish their education also means breaking the cycle of poverty for them. With better education, they now have opportunities to find better jobs compared to before. For over 15 years, CRRS has sponsored over 15,000 students and teachers in several provinces including: Guangxi, Yunnan, Tibet, Sichuan, and Lanzhou.

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