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When I asked the local Chinese students to describe what Project Shine is to them, one phrase stood out to me which is “满满都是爱”. During this teaching trip, I believe we have experienced much love in many ways such as the love shown by the students, local teachers, among our own team members, and with local community. You will see as you read the testimonies in this article.

A teacher’s tears – As the team manager I have the chance to work closely with one of the local English teachers named Lillian. On the last day she said to me “Miss Leung, let me give you a hug, thank you so much for you and your team’s love that was shared with us” and then she cried on my shoulder. I was very touched and surprised because expressing passion this way was not common practice in Chinese professional culture and yet because of the love she had witness, she responded with overwhelming joy and gratitude, my heart was full!

Humbling Experiences (Visiting student’s dorm & rural village home) – As part of the Project Shine experience our team members would visit the student’s dorm and one of our student’s rural village home. This allows us the privileged North Americans to experience and understand what a hard life the local Chinese students may have. At the home village visit, we learned that every day the parents need to bring their crops to the town to sell. In the past before they had vehicles they had to use bicycles or even walk at times. The parents work very hard so their sons can go to school and have a better future. It is because of such families that CRRS continue to raise funds overseas to sow a seed building into the next generation.

Esther Leung 梁爾欣
(Project Shine Manager項目經理)


deakin rachel
Deakin (Left), Rachel (Right)

今年是我作為項目助理第二次參與Project Shine Summer Trip,經常拿著攝錄機在拍攝的我,記得在訪問其中一位只有十七歲的Project Shine老師期間,她充滿熱情地表達著自己對學生的感受,我看得出她對學生的愛是如此真誠,以及她自己從學生身上所學到的也是那麼多時,更令我一度落淚。我相信就是這種愛的力量,讓今年的老師們都充滿著喜樂的眼淚。

Deakin Ng 吳迪軒 (Project shine Assistant 項目助理)