Prepared by Esther Leung (Project Shine manager)

This is the second year Project Shine has spent an amazing summer teaching English to underprivileged senior high students in China! Project Shine 2009 was conducted from July 10 – 26th, 2009 in Rongshui, Guangxi. We took a team of 32 young people from Canada and USA to teach English in Rongshui Secondary School. In total we have taught more than 250 senior high students. The oral and written English of the students were improved radically even in the short two weeks of intense English training.

IMG_2942Our team was faced with challenges right from the beginning of the trip with the fear of swine flu and the flood in Guangxi. I am very thankful that none of our Project Shine team members cancel their trip while waiting patiently for the final confirmation. Each team member expects to spend their summer in service and love for the underprovided students China. With this pure heart and faith, the door of China was open to us and we went on this unforgettable journey.

One of the most adventurous events in our trip was when our team visited the home village of one of our students. The student’s home village is located in a remote area which requires us to climb down a steep hill on slippery stones. All 32 of us spoiled North Americans finally got down to the bottom of the hill running out of breath, then we were blocked by a river! We have to take off our shoes and cross the river with our bare legs. At the same time, our team members will take pictures of every animal they see moving around and scream when they saw a cow also crossing the river! The village farmers were looking at us with curiosity and a big smile. After crossing the river we still have to hike another 30 minutes until we reached our destination! But it was all worth it when we met the student’s family!

Other physical challenges such as the heat, squat toilets, and the occasional bugs in our beds were met with great endurance from our team. Cross-cultural nights was another highlight where Project Shine team members performed skits, conducted Easter egg hunt, and the team even did a hip hop dance! In return, the local students performed singing, traditional Miao tribal dancing and also a segment of martial arts!

IMG_3038In this summer, not only have we built a teacher-student relationship, but a deep friendship with the students and local teachers was nurtured. As we say goodbye, uncontrollable tears rolled down our faces and our hearts will never be the same. The simple love shown by the students were unforgettable and it taught us North Americans many lessons about life.

As the team leader, I am very proud of our Project Shine Team 2009, we hope to continue to show love, hope and action to others locally and globally. Project Shine is the pioneer venture for the next generation; we will continue to work hard in promoting cross-cultural exchange and helping the underprivileged with education in the years to come! Thank you for your support and prayers, they are much appreciated!

今年可以帶領32位有心的北美年青人去廣西融水苗族自治县参與陽光計劃是我的榮幸。 當中有3位家長培同子女一起参與給200多位貧困的山區學生作兩星期的英語培訓。 這是一個難忘的體驗,當地學生的熱情和純真深刻地影響了從北美來的華人子女 。

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