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Eden Ip:“No matter the times, we’ll forever shine. We’ll be the future, you and I”

If someone told me beforehand that two weeks spent halfway across the world can change one’s perspective on life, I wouldn’t believe it. Through the course of these two weeks, I’ve learned more about myself and how incomplete my perspective on the world was.


Signing up for what looked to be a two week teaching experience became an immersion into the lives of the Chinese students. In only a short period of time, the bonds and friendships created between the students and the members of Project Shine will last as long as we believe in our bright futures. I did not realize the difference that we had made in each other’s lives until I discovered how my advice to “believe in your dreams and you can be everything you want to be ” revitalized the dream of some of my students. Their ability to live life filled with love and happiness changed how I looked at my own life as well. The student’s kind hearts and bright smiles rediscovered the sense of self I seemed to have forgotten.


This experience helped me realize that our personalities are what makes each of us unique and we should be proud of ourselves for who we are. Whether it was conquering our fear of singing or public speaking, writing songs or writing essays, we conquered our fears together side by side. Just as the note written to my teaching partner and I, “Don’t Forget Us” because I will never forget you all.



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