CRRS can only issue tax receipts for Canadian donors.


Whole Project Fundraising Goal – *$75,000 CAD

(By June 30th, 2016)

*Fundraising Goal for the cost of each team member = Approx.  $3,000 CAD

Calculation for cost per team member:  $1,400 + Registration Fee + Flight Ticket = $3,000

Calculation for whole Project Cost : 25 team members x $3000 = $75,000

Includes cost for 25 Team members:

  • Airfare
  • Room and board
  • Travel cost locally
  • Training for Project Shine team
  • Home visits to students’ home
  • Admin + Coordination

*each member’s cost is around $1500.

Includes cost for 150 -180 students in China:

  1. Subsidy for meals
  2. Printed Curriculum
  3. Teaching Materials
  4. Materials for crafts and activities



Does not include

  • Medical and travel insurance
  • China Visa Application

How can donors donate towards Project Shine?


Donation Methods


  • For cash donation, please make sure you have a safe way to deliver this cash to the CRRS office. Do not mail any cash in an envelope to our office for your own security.
  • If the cash is a large amount, you can write a check to us and keep the check, but also give us a list of the donors’ information for tax receipt to be sent to them instead of you


  • Please write it out to “CRRS” and do not write anything in the memo section.
  • Ask your donor to write a postdated check to: July 8th, 2015


Credit Card
  • Credit Card Company charges a fee as well but if this is the only way then go ahead.
  • Have your donor fill out the Credit Card donation form OR
  • Call our office – The donor or you can call our office directly to use the credit card payment. Please indicate the donation is for Project Shine.


Paypal Online
  • PayPal charges a fee but if this is the only way then go ahead.
  • Web link to PayPal –
  • Please choose “to support” – Project Shine
  • Under “Description” –  Please indicate the name of the Project Shine team member that approached you for the donation. 




Download Donation Forms here

Donation Form Project Shine 2016 (Click Here) – Print out copies, give this form to each donor and collect it back after they filled it out.

Donor Organization Form (Click Here)  Use this form to keep track of your donor’s donation.

  • We need to know the correct detail information in order to give the appropriate tax receipts to the donors.
  • Please keep all your donations in a secure place before handing it to CRRS.
  • Donor can donate through the following ways as indicated in the “Individual Donation Form”

Non-Canadian Team members : you can still use these forms to collect donation, but CRRS will not be able to give your supporters a tax receipt, so please communicate this fact with them.


Please note:

“Project Shine is a CRRS board approved program/project, each restricted contributions towards Project Shine will be used as designated with the understanding that when the financial need for Project Shine has been met, or cannot be completed for any reason determined by the board, the remaining restricted contributions designated for Project Shine will be used where needed most with in CRRS ministries.”



Suggestions and ideas for fundraising


1) Sample Letter to donors 2016 (Click Here)

This is a general letter for your use to approach donors to raise funds for Project Shine.
  • When you give this letter to donors, take this opportunity to share with them verbally as well.
  • This sample letter is one of the MOST EFFECTIVE ways to raise funds!
  • Project Shine 2016 Pamphlet (Click Here) – You can print this out (double sided) and give to your supporters


Target Group : Usually you want to target people who are working and have stable financial income. People such as your parents’ friends, relatives (uncles and aunties), and family friends in church or work place are potential donors. The sample letter also indicates the amount of money they can circle and donate.

  • We’ve put a bigger amount from $50 and up because we want those particular donors to know that you are asking for more than just $5 bucks.
  • If you are a student, your peer group may not be able to give too much financially. But nonetheless, in telling your friends about Project Shine Summer Trip you are helping to spread the word about the needs in China. At the same time and more importantly you can ask people to pray for you and the Project Shine Summer Trip.


2) Social Media

  • Post the Project Shine promo video (, this 3 min video is a powerful tool to show others what you will be doing in China.
  • Use your social media influence to share with others what you will be doing this summer with Project Shine.
  • Start a crowd funding or go fund me page for your Project Shine cost.


3) Creative Fun Activities for Fundraising! 

Be creative in making up your own fundraising activity that others can join! Here are a few suggestions!



You (alone or with a group) can prepare food and ask people to donate to Project Shine. If you attend church or a club at school, you can ask if they can allow you to prepare a lunch for the group and ask them to donate! You can have a “suggested donation” in order to cover the cost.

  • Examples: Bake sales, BBQ (hot dog lunch, making drinks like fruit smoothies for a wedding reception…etc.)


Providing Services/ Special skills

If you have a special skill, you can teach it in exchange for donations! Or you can provide other regular service that people need in their lives from time to time. I know that one youth group provided cleaning services for people’s home in exchange for donation towards the trip.

  • Examples: baby sit, yard cleaning, photography, teaching music or dance, walking dogs, teaching self-defense, fitness lessons, gardening, mowing the lawn, give people make-overs…etc.


Games and contests

Create a contest or a game where donors will pay a certain fee to participate!

  •  Examples:  bowlathons, video game contests, eating contests, ice skating party…etc.


 Make crafts something to sell? 

If you know how to make special crafts or jewelry, you can use your skills to fundraise for your trip! (Examples: earrings, bracelets, drawing peoples’ portraits…etc.)


4) Raising awareness 

At the end, even if some of your fundraising efforts did not have a good return, you have still done something wonderful for the underprivileged students in China by promoting CRRS and Project Shine Summer Trip to other people as you raise awareness about the poverty issues in rural villages in China.



Registration Fee (Non-refundable)

Early Bird Registration Fee (Submit online Application Form by February 29th, 2016)

New applicant – $150

Alumni Applicant- $100


Regular Registration Fee   (Submit online Application Form by April 15th, 2016)

New applicant – $200

Alumni Applicant – $150


Fundraising Info & Donation Forms     Policy & Rules for Team Members


Packing List (Recommended)    Vaccination & Health     Accomodation Info


China Visa Application Info     Flight Info     Schedule & Itinerary


Travel / Medical Insurance     School Info     Plane Ticket Tax Receipt Policy


Cultural Behaviour & Awareness     Basic Classroom Teaching Techniques


Songs & Dance (Must Learn)     Team Members Profile (Teaching Partners + Class Division)