1426036It is required for team members adhere to all rules and maintain integrity and values of Project Shine’s representing staff.  All members and leaders on the trip will strictly follow Chinese law.  If any individual should break any Chinese laws at any place or time during the trip, all consequences will be borne by the individual in question, and he/she will then be sent home at their own expense.


You must  Download, Print and Sign the following forms, please bring it to the team training & orientation.

Waiver & Behavioral Commitment Form 2017 (Click Here)


Rules for the duration of this trip are as follow:

1) You must attend all activities on time including all meals.


2)  All individuals must return to the hotel and their assigned rooms by the time designated by the Project Shine schedule in the manual (11:00pm).

  • No switching rooms without consent of team manager.
  • No upgrading of rooms allowed.


3) A team leader must be present if there is a member of the opposite sex in your hotel room.


4) Consumption, bringing or purchase of tobacco, alcohol, and illegal drugs are strictly prohibited.


5) Possession of, purchase or use of weapons, firearms, or fireworks is prohibited.


6) Do not engage in romantic/sexual relationships. This includes between team members and / or with local students in China. If you are already in a relationship with another member in Project Shine prior to the trip, please notify team manager ahead of time.


7) Swearing and inappropriate jokes (in English or Chinese) are not permitted. Jokes with sexual content, put downs and mockery are considered inappropriate with the locals and within our team members.


8) Any inappropriate touching or violence will be disciplined and/or sent home on your own expenses.


9) Team leaders remain the rights to call on the way you talk and apply consequences if you continue to swear and tell inappropriate jokes.

  •  Inappropriate touching include: Tickling, hug extensively, kiss, and/or hold hands with students or with any other team members.
  •  Appropriate behaviors include: pat on the shoulders, handshakes, high fives, side hugs.
  • Please use your discretion and be sensitive to the local students and team members’ physical boundaries, some people may not even want any physical contact (such as side hugs).


10) Team members must dress appropriately at all times to respect the culture of your destination (i.e. shorts must be no higher than knee level, tight and revealing clothing is prohibited, etc). Team leaders remain the rights to ask you to change your clothing if deemed inappropriate.


11) Internet use (if it is available) will be limited to once per week. It shall remain as a tool for relaying safety back home and trip updates to supporters or emergencies only. Team manager will send regular updates to your parents and contacts during the trip already therefore it is not necessary for you to send individual updates unless requested by your parents/guardians/spouse back home.


12) Electronics

  • Please do not bring these electronics unless approve by team manager ahead of time: Lap top computer and professional video camera.
  • Entertainment electronics (exp: smart phones, portable game console…etc.) are allowed only during personal time at night but not during official group activity time or else it will be confiscated.
  • Electronics not related to entertainment use are allowed but up to your own discretion. CRRS will not be responsible for any damaged or lost items. For example : camera, hair dryer (hotel has it too), phone and phone charger.


13) You cannot go out alone with local students unless approved by a team leader

  • Try not to be alone in all circumstances unless you are in your room. This is for your own protection as well as for the locals; people can sue or accuse you of inappropriate behaviors if there are no witnesses around to prove your innocence.
  •  Please ask for Team manager’s approval if you are to bring students into your hotel room. This is a sensitive issue and you are not allowed to do this without permission.


14) Rules for going out during free time

  • Must notify a team leader
  • Must be in a group of 2 or more
  • Must have a male who is 17 years or older to be in this group
  • Must have a translator with in this group. One person needs to know Mandarin within this group.
  • Must bring the team manager’s phone number and hotel address at all times.


15) If you are injured, or you see anyone else who is injured, notify team leaders and seek medical help immediately. Do not try to treat the injury by yourself.


16) Please refrain from answering questions that representing CRRS falsely when in China.  For example, questions such as “when will CRRS return?”  Team members should not answer these questions directly but direct all queries to those responsible such as the team manager.


CRRS Disclaimer: Project Shine Team leaders and Team manager remains the right to apply consequence if individual break the rules.


Consequnces for breaking the rules

1) Phone call or email made by team leader during or after the trip to parents of the individual (if under age) to report misbehaviors.

2) Individual being expelled immediately from the project and sent home on his/her own expenses  during the trip.

3) Individual will be suspended or banned from coming back to Project Shine in future year/years to come.

4) Individual will not receive a reference or volunteer hours if they wish to use CRRS or Project Shine team manager/ team leader as a reference for school applications and jobs.


Expectations for Project Shine Team members


It is crucial that you display and maintain and excellent attitude. You are expected to promote unity and harmony in all aspects of this endeavor during training and on the trip. When traveling, it is important that we demonstrate a positive attitude towards one another and to anyone we meet in the trip.

Please remember this is not a vacation and you are not a tourist on this trip. Even though we can have fun during the process but remember the purpose of why you are going is for the underprivileged students in China, not for yourself. Therefore you must follow the rules set out for you as a volunteer and listen to the instructions of the team leaders.

We understand that because we recruited volunteers from difference places for this trip, you may not know everyone especially those from another province. But please try your best to show friendliness to everyone as we have the same mission in mind – to bring hope, love and action to the underprivileged students in China.



If you have difficulty with what another team member or team leader does or decides, please ensure that you talk to team leaders or to the person directly to address the issue rather than gossip. If a mediation is needed, team leader or team manager can step in to give counsel. Do your best to always foster a good relationship with your leaders and with your peers on the team.


Attendance & Participation

You must attend all activities and team meetings during Project Shine Summer Trip. Absences and being late undermine the team concept. If you cannot attend a team meeting due to whatever reasons (illness or otherwise) you must notify your team leader. You will be held accountable; attendance will be monitored.


Nightly Team meetings

During Project Shine Summer Trip, we will be having nightly team meetings. During team meetings, each volunteer are expected to participate in sharing about their day in teaching the students, the ups and downs of the day, this is what we call “debrief”. It helps us process better emotionally some of the challenges we might face during the day. We can laugh together, cry together and build a closer relationship together through the team meetings.

Please be mindful that during the team meeting, team leaders will (or they will ask someone from the team) to lead a short sharing about lessons in life from the Bible and a prayer.  You won’t be asked to prepare the sharing if you do not attend church regularly.

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