Summer Trip 2019

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This year we are blessed with an intergenerational team of 24 members including 3 CRRS staff, 8 alumni, 11 teenagers and 2 parents. Our team members came from Vancouver, Toronto, New York, California, and Hong Kong. We were able to teach … Continued

Toronto 10th Year Anniversary Celebration

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On Jan 5th, 2019 we hosted the “Project Shine 10th Anniversary Celebration Event” in Toronto. We want to say a sincere thank you to the 70 guests including 28 alumni that attended the celebration!   Toronto Project Shine 10th Year … Continued

Love & Shine MV

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There’s a story behind this song “Love & Shine”. During Project Shine Summer Trip in 2014, one of the team member Michelle Ko played guitar with some chords while our Multimedia & Project Officer Deakin Ng and the other member … Continued

10th Anniversary Vancouver Celebration Highlight

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On March 25th, 2018 we hosted the “Project Shine 10th Anniversary Celebration Event” in Vancouver. We want to say a sincere thank you to the 100 guests including 29 alumni that attended the celebration! Check out the photos from this … Continued

PSST 2017 Video Highlight

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“Some memories are unforgettable, remaining ever vivd and heartwarming!” Thank you all who joined and supported the PSST 2017 team this summer! It was truly a unforgettable experience for all members and the students in China!

Project Shine sharing in Toronto

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Cassandra Lee, Honbria Lee, George Wong, Curtis Lee and Rebecca Lee who just went to Project Shine Summer Trip 2017, they went to a local church in North York on Oct 1 and shared their PSST experience, below is a sharing … Continued

PSST 2017 Home Visit

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One meaningful highlight for the Project Shine team members was when we get to visit one of our student’s home village in the rural area. Megan is the student that we have visited, and she is also one of CRRS’ sponsored … Continued

PSST 2017 is near the end

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We stayed in China Guang Xi Huan Jiang for 12 days already, and this English Summer Camp is near the end. Our 22 members from Canada not only did a lot of activities with the students, but they also learned … Continued